Pilgrimage From Cadiz to Santiago

  The Via de la Plata was calling us….! Several years ago we completed a long, arduous and complicated pagan pilgrimage over the course of two summers. It had been our first experience of ‘going on pilgrimage’ and we had no idea that we would end up addicted. ¬† On that journey, as we sat at the ‘End of the World’ – on a promontory … Continue reading Pilgrimage From Cadiz to Santiago


  Brilliant day in London on the 17th November – we managed to shut 5 bridges across the Thames – and got huge support from the public as well – even those stuck in the inevitable traffic chaos – thanks to them for realising that some things are far more important……! I think the choccy biscuits helped! Here are some pics of banners I saw … Continue reading EXTINCTION REBELLION BEST BANNERS…!

I Call to the Ancestors

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS:
I call to the first single-celled bacteria who divided on that fateful day. I call to the green-blue algae sun-bathing slimily on the sea. I call to the stromatolites, living rocks, anchors, billions of years old. I call in the Cambrian explosion: BOOM! Let there be life! I call to the trilobite. Come famous one, hard-shelled, scurrying, many-legged, throwing… Continue reading I Call to the Ancestors

A Welshman, an Englishwoman and a Thai lady cycle across South Wales…

For some reason I assumed it would not be too hilly in South Wales. I was proven wrong. ¬†After being lulled into a false sense of undulation by the easy crossing from England, and the lollop along to Newport, things started to look acclivitous… The problem is the valleys – my husband, being a valley boyo from Bedwas, could of warned me. You would think … Continue reading A Welshman, an Englishwoman and a Thai lady cycle across South Wales…