Drawing a veil over this: a final entry in the ‘Doom Book’

We takes our magic where we finds it…
The Grammar of Matter blog has given me a great deal of pleasure and much to ponder upon. I will miss it…
As I walked across my lawn this morning a white apparition rose up before me – a few feet away an egret took flight from the stream, almost brushing me with its snow white feathers. I felt honoured!

The Grammar of Matter

in fact, the sameold gamebold adomic structure of our Finnius the old One, as highly charged with electrons as hophazards can effective it

Concluding a deliberation upon the theme of withdrawal from one form of activity to pass over into another form of (in)activity, this final post continues the theme of my last – ‘Gathering Splinters from Her Spindle‘.  The materials of metaphor and coincidence, mediated through personal experience, likewise are more than a stylistic device in the writing and arrangement of these words.  If this exercise appears somewhat ‘grandiose’, I qualify it by the fact that for much of the last three plus years I’ve pretty much put my heart and soul into the blog, so I would rather let it slip away into the ether in a way that’s consonant with those years of effort.


I had no idea, when I published ‘Gathering Splinters’ on the…

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