Awaken Spirit,

So long asleep

Within your mortal cloak

That binds and blinds

And will not face the truth…

Awaken, do not slip away.

turn your face lovingly

Accept the light.

The time is short

And truth now hangs in a cloudless sky.

Will you betray your origin?

Or will you rise?


Rise and meet the sky god,

Greet the Mother.

Accept your birthright

And shine on,


The aquatic bird's head of the Isle of Portland.







I feel an urge to live in the earth.

To bury myself in pine needles,

To clothe myself in leaves.

Berries and roots would feed me,

Dead, littered wood, warm me.

At night I would lie in the safe embrace of a hollow tree

And awaken to the birds calling.

I would drink pure water from a woodland stream

And be part of the seasons changing.

I would walk beneath the green trees

And have no fear of falling.

Wildlife would be my company,

Wild winds my music

And the stars my direction.

If I could pull the rich earth around me

Like a shroud

The journey would be over

And I would arrive,

Back at my beginning.



Life Force.

As the rain falls, people flee under cover.

Fearing contact with the life force.

Whilst flower, herb and tree bow their heads,

Saturated in reverence.

Letting their sins wash away with the eternal river.

But people – people clasp their guilt too tightly,

They fear the soft caress of summer rain

Will wash away their reason –

And the meaning that they have strived to build,

Will float away, forever.


Quiet Trees.

Quiet trees,

In whom real time resides.

The pain and happiness of passing ages

The culmination of learning.

when the wind blows through your green-golden robes,

I hear you laughing at our seperateness,

And i hear you whisper

‘We are One’.


Sea Wind.

How I love the salt-wind chorus,

Be nearer that voice to me…

Of sweetly singing seraphim,

Flowing in upon the sea.



Ode To A Friend (for Jules)

My friend, you have travelled far,

In search of, or in flight from –

The pearl that lies within.

You return, shocked, dishevelled and shorn,

And talk of broken arrows.

But the light of truth lies in your eyes,

You have found what you were seeking.

The flame of compassion burns bright,

And for enlightenment’s sake –

The suffering exists as grace.









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