A Story For A Broken-Armed Girl…

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago; in a land where the gum tree grew, there stood in a wood a very well-spoken fairy.  ‘Oh wow’ she said ‘I really would like to have an adventure.’

So she did.
She flew like a bird, up, up, up into the impossibly blue sky, past diamonds of ice, and puffins the size of helichoptors. And still she flew – determined to have an adventure. Eventually, she came to the planet Venus, which is the planet of love as everyone knows. She flew straight into it at quite a lick as she had left her glasses at the library and couldn’t see it coming. Goodness, it hurt!  But she was ok after sticking a few plasters on her forehead.  She filled up her entire heart with love from the planet – which, incidentally, ran in rivers and was coloured a rather fetching pink. She returned to earth and decided to have another adventure.
She asked Mulch Diggums (her uncle) what she should do. He suggested se take a jump down Alice’s rabbithole. So she did.
She leapt with wild abandon down the famous rabbithole and span out of control, past the Red Queen, the Teapot and past the Cheshire cat. She ended up in a crumpled heap, squashing a small, cute white rabbit who was trying to see the time on his over=sized pocketwatch. ‘I can save you the trouble’ she announced ‘ it is tea-time’.  Then she waddled off huffing and puffing as she had rather twisted her ankle on landing.  She realised she had fallen all the way to the centre of the earth, and as everyone knows, it IS rather hot there. So quick as a flash she pulled out a packet of marshmallows made from vegetarians. She stuck them on a stick and roasted the heck out of them. Then she stuffed her face until she felt really sick…
She returned to the surface and thought ‘I must have the bestest adventure  – I will ask the holy grail’. So she went to see Foaly. He bellowed angrily ‘Go ice-skating you annoying fairy and get out of my sight, I have work to do even if you don’t’!
So she did.
She went to the ice-skating rink, hired skates and swooped onto the ice. She twirled and leapt like a spark from a fire. She whirled, twisted and whooped like a ballet dancer. Everyone watching applauded and thought she was the bees knees. It was all going hunky-dory, all glitter and smoke and mirrors.  She was the belle of the ball, the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree…
So she did.
When all is going well and you are sailing along without a care in the world; a little known thing called Sod’s law comes into effect. Like when you have made breakfast and are carrying it  into the lounge so you can eat it and watch tv at the same time – you will drop the toast – JAM SIDE DOWN!
In the case of the ice-skating, adventure-seeking fairy – sod’s law meant that she tripped over a bag of marshmallows (made of vegetarians) as she gave her skates back and she tumbled down the steps and broke her bloomin’ arm!!!
Would you adam and eve it? (believe)
But did she let it get her down? Of course not. She was built of sterner stuff (mostly fairy dust and marshmallows (made of…)  So turned her mind to learning all the things there are to learn about only having one arm, writing, nose-picking, crochet and a million more besides.
So she did.
Did what?
She had an amazing adventure, of course!
important fairy communication for the little people only.

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