TMSwiki site and forum – for those dealing with pain…

Have you struggled with chronic pain or another medically unexplained symptom for a long time? Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain, but nothing worked? Have you had doctors tell you they “just can’t find anything wrong?”

Then you may have Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). TMS is a condition that causes real physical symptoms that are not due to pathological or structural abnormalities and are not explained by diagnostic tests. In TMS, symptoms are caused by psychological stress.

You may be at your wits end. However, there is hope. We know this because the authors of this wiki struggled with chronic pain for many years, and that is exactly how we felt: hopeless. We’re not doctors so, of course, we can’t diagnose you, and everyone is different, but we are here to tell you what worked for us and how it did so without surgery, needles, or drugs. We found relief from pain through TMS’

If this strikes a chord with you, then cut and paste the link below to the excellent TMSwiki website – where you will find explanations and also a ‘Structured Educational Programme’ which you can work through to gain relief from your symptoms. It is totally free. Also there is an accompanying forum on which you can find answers and support from other sufferers. The forum has many active members who have gone through the same experiences and there are several medical doctors amongst them who also post regularly.

I have found the forum and website to be invaluable in my recovery. Undergoing the ‘Structured Educational Programme’ helped me to identify the emotional and psychological stresses that I had repressed from early childhood and link them to the continued everyday stresses that life brings. I was able to  realise the character traits I had that made the situation worse and how to manage that. It took me two years to get from being a disabled person who suffered from pain and fatigue 24 hours a day – to being the vibrant healthy woman I am today.

If you have a chronic pain or fatigue problem or suffer from any unexplained malady, whether back pain, tennis elbow, rsi, fibromyalgia, cfs, carpal tunnel syndrome, me. or find that a previous injury has continued to give pain when it should of healed – PLEASE – give this website a look. It could change your life – it certainly changed mine!


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