Wily Wasps Waste No Time!

When a group of wasps started making a nest under the eaves of the tool shed, something had to be done! I refused to let him outdoors kill them or spray them (I don’t think he would – he just likes to wind me up..) so he got all togged up in waders, a thick jacket, gauntlets and a balaclava. Armed with a thin chopping board and an extra-large Tupperware box he went to do battle.

He returned for reinforcements…  So I put on thick wads of clothing and ventured out. We managed to get them safely in the box – but it involved a stepladder, two crates to stand on and a certain amount of swearing. The wasps were buzzing about the box, furious at the intrusion and not caring that it was dark and they were supposed to be docile. So they were laid down at the far end of the garden with a sheet of ply over them to protect from rain.

They seemed ok the next day – although at ground level. The following day the nest within my Tupperware box had gone!  I peered gingerly beneath the ply – they had dismantled their nest and rebuilt (off the floor to avoid wet, I guess) it in a linear fashion along the rim of the Tupperware box. Wow. IMG_0676


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